About Triplemania

Triplemanía is the biggest event in Mexican Lucha Libre. It is presented annually by the leader in Mexican Lucha Libre, "AAA", commemorating its foundation. 

The ring of Triplemanía is where the great rivalries reach their climax, and legends rise or fall into the abyss. Triplemanía is presented in the form of Pay per View (PPV). 

Triplemanía events are in the Mexico City since 2008, using the main indoors arenas "el Palacio de los Deportes" and "Arena Ciudad de Mexico", where in the last edition, on 16th of June 2013, surpassed the 20,000 fans in attendance. 

Triplemanía XXII this year, is to be held on August 17th, in Arena Ciudad de Mexico. This stellar event will present a battle of "Hair VS. Mask" in a meeting between Psycho Clown and Texano Jr. Also, we will witness the return to Mexico of MYZTEZIZ, formerly known as SIN CARA, and the battle of Reina de Reinas Championship between Faby Apache and Taya will be played. This are just some of what Triplemanía XXII will bring us.

Are you ready to experience it?