Privacy Policy


Siouxx believes that your privacy is very important. Siouxx respects the privacy of all the Users and Publishers of the Siouxx Service and all data and personal information provided by a User or Publisher will be treated as confidential. WE WILL NEVER SELL YOUR DATA TO THIRD PARTIES and our business model is not direct marketing. The information we collect is solely used for operating and improving our process and the Siouxx services.

Our Privacy policy is based on the following principles:

1- Right to update, change or remove data

Changing or removing personal information is possible via your account page after you log in. Please note that certain information cannot be removed due to its necessity for the Siouxx Service and/or administration responsibilities of Siouxx. You are at all times entitled to change your personal information on file with us.

2- Restricted use of information and cookies

Other than the information you have provided to Siouxx, Siouxx also stores certain information for the use of the Siouxx Service, administration and the billing and remuneration process. This information includes: your I.P. address, accessed and/or sold content, referrals, votes and other actions you have made using the Siouxx Service. To store some of this information Siouxx makes use of cookies. Information stored by Siouxx will not be traced back to a personal User or Publisher other than is needed for administrative purposes and the billing and remuneration process. Siouxx does not allow third-party cookies to recognize your personal information.

3- Never sell customer data

Siouxx WILL NOT SELL your personal information and data to any third party. We also don’t sell or share user data for marketing purpose. Personal data will only be made available to a third party if, and in so far as, is needed for providing you with, or for improving, the Siouxx Service. At the present time, Siouxx may share your personal information with PayPal, and in so far as, this is needed for the correct completion of the payment process. This information can include: user name, last name, registered email, purchase date, price of the item bought. Siouxx may also share certain personal information with the Enterprise Publishers (those using our White Label services) &/or with publishers where you bought recurring subscriptions (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions). This information can include: username, purchase date, content ID purchased, registered email and purchase price.
Third parties are at all times obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal information and data. Third parties are not allowed make use of your data for marketing purposes except if you have explicitly authorized them to do so.

4- Clear opt-in policy

Only if you have permitted Siouxx to use your personal information to inform you about the Siouxx Service or otherwise Siouxx is allowed to do so. If you no longer wish to be informed by Siouxx please send an e-mail to subject “Unsubscribe”

Note: if you have Questions regarding the Siouxx Privacy Policy, we are pleased to answer them. Your questions to can be directed to The most recent version of the Siouxx Privacy Policy can be found on this page.

By agreeing to the Siouxx User Agreement and/or the Siouxx Publisher Agreement you agree with the use of your personal information and data in accordance with the Siouxx Privacy Policy.

Last version : 30 Sept 2013